FreeScore Customers Testimonials

DaleMDale M.
Lubbock, Texas

"My wife and I are in the process of selling our home and buying a new one and so I was looking to see what my credit report looked like because obviously we would like to get the best interest rate possible when we go into the new home. I logged on and once we had everything entered, and my credit report pulled up, sure enough there was a charge off that was charged off last year and it had my name attached to it. [I found out] that it was my ex-wife's account and not mine. The FreeScore website gave us a very step-by-step and informative way to resolve everything."

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Patricia O'LearyPatricia O'Leary

"I had lost my husband and I kind of let things go. After five years I decided, OK, it's time to get my life back on track. I heard that your company was one of the most reputable, so that's the one I used. I found out that my credit score is kind of low, partly because I don't have any credit out there, and partly because there was an error on my report ... At this point, if it hadn't been for FreeScore making this as effortless as it has been, I probably wouldn't be as far along as I am in achieving my goal of excellent credit."

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Tracy EllerbrockTracy Ellerbrock
Amelia, Ohio

"FreeScore is steering me in the right direction."

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William JWilliam J.
Sterling Heights, MI

"You did exactly what you said you would do. Very good experience. I will come back to your company in the future."







Beejal SBeejal S.
Monroe, LA

"Gave me all the information I was looking for and satisfied my curiosity."








Natalie BNatalie B.
Palm Coast, FL

"I was able to get all three scores to keep track of where I was with my credit - I'm trying to buy a house in the next couple of months...It was very easy to use the website, I used it continuously."






Joel FJoel F.
Lakewood, NJ

"Fast customer service and concerns were taken care of. Thank you."








Yolanda WYolanda W.
Phoenix, AZ

"Easy to navigate, very informative, helped with projections."








Torcome STorcome S.
West Bloomfield, MI

"Your reports are clearly presented and easily read and understood."








Michelle JMichelle J.
Weatherford, TX

"It was nice being able to get on anytime and not have the hassle of, have to go through each one of these different credit reporting agencies for information."






Turea TTurea T.
West Hills, CA

"I can view everything that is of a great importance to me all in one place. I love your services. Thanks! I truly appreciate your allowing me to know about my ... scores & for the e-mail alert as to when I can log into my account & view everything."





Linda CLinda C.
Douglasville, GA

"Made me aware of my more serious problems."








Robert LRobert L.
San Francisco, CA

"Accountability! I really appreciate the email informing me that my free trial was ending and how clearly and easily it was to cancel my membership. Because of your stepping up, I will use you again and recommend FreeScore to others."





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